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Water Samples

Screening Testing 

Screening, also called “presumptive testing”, is a qualitative technique to identify the presence of certain classification of drugs.  Screening tests  are available for a wide variety of drug classifications.  A screening result commonly indicates that a class of drugs is present in the sample, but no levels indicating the amount of metabolites.

Confirmation Testing (LC-MS/MS)

Confirmation testing is a quantitative technique to measure drug concentrations in a sample.  It uses highly specific and sensitive analytical methodology such as LC-MS/MS. These instruments provide a molecular fingerprint of the specific substances that are present in the sample and provide corresponding drug concentrations. 

Lab Experiments

About Urinalysis

Urine toxicology testing is an important standard of care in the addiction and pain treatment setting, offering a reproducible, unbiased, and accurate laboratory test to monitor patients and provide objective support for clinical observations.

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